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Joey Butler is a passionate software engineer dedicated to building products people love.

He currently works at Be Recruited, the largest recruiting network for college sports. Before that he worked on the internal tools team at LivingSocial.

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  • While implementing a new feature the other week that involved refactoring a piece of code that was breaking the rule of encapsulation. It was doing so by accessing a constant directly, which isn’t too uncommon of a case. But the requested feature required that piece of knowledge to be accessed in another part of the system. Thus requiring it to live properly encapsulated in the class that defined the constant, and then build aggregate methods around it. While in my...
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  • A closure is a computer science concept that is seen in different web programming languages such as Ruby, JavaScript, ActionScript 3.0 and newer versions of PHP. It is a powerful tool and can be an elegant solution given the right circumstances. With that background in mind, let’s give it a specific definition. A closure is a function that encapsulate a scope and is able to be passed around as an argument. In other words this enables you to define a...
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